Getting Bats Out of your Attic

When there are Harrisburg bats in your attic, then you have a rather serious matter on your hands and it can be very complicated. There are some steps that need to be followed son as to make sure that all the bat are removed from the attic in the safest and most ideal manner. The steps aren’t easy and they have to be carried out by a professional so as to be done well.

Determine the Bat Species
It is very important that you contact a Pennsylvania professional to come and conduct an inspection of the attic. This will help in the determination of the bat species that you are dealing with. Different species have different habits and so the way they are handled can be quite different, when you know the species, then you will know how best to handle the removal of the same.

Determine Whether There are any Baby Bats
You will need to make a determination of whether there are some baby Pennsylvania bats or not. In the first weeks of their lives, the baby bats don’t fly out and so if you use the one way exclusion method, they may remain stuck in there. You will need to find the best way to deal with the beats if there are young ones involved.

Know how the Bats are Getting In and Out of the Attic
You need now to find all the entry and exit points that the Harrisburg bats are using to get into the attic. By so doing, you will be able to determine the best way to remove them. Dealing with the entry and exit points is the only true way in which you can start handling the problem at hand. Depending on the architecture and the bats in question, you will be able to decide the best way to proceed.

Remove the Colony
It is important now that you find a method that you can use so as to remove the colony in the safest way possible. It is essential that all the Harrisburg bats be removed so as to handle the problem for good. There are many methods that can be used to handle this part.

Seal the Openings
You now have to seal all the openings in the attic. It is very essential that you do this so as to ensure the bat issue doesn't reoccur at any one given time. This is a part that has to be done in the most thorough way possible. It is important that you have the entire operation handled by Pennsylvania professionals who will not miss any details.

Clean Up
After the bats are gone, they will most definitely leave a big mess behind. There will be droppings and other things in the attic that have to be cleaned up. You need to know that contamination and disease can occur by wrong handling of the refuse. Therefore, you have to protect yourself. Cleaning is also essential so as to avoid health issues coming up in future.

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