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Welcome to Pest Animal Harrisburg! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Harrisburg, PA. All of our highly-trained wildlife control specialists focus on excellent customer service. We specialize in the removal of critters from homes and attics, and deal with several Pennsylvania pest animal species, such as birds, opossums, skunks, mice, beavers, snakes, raccoons, and even bats. We also perform dead animal carcass removal and odor control. Our expert building repairs "critter-proof" your house, to make sure that no more animals enter the structure again. We also perform animal damage repair and attic cleanup. Call us now at 717-510-9658 for your Harrisburg wildlife control needs.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service the greater Harrisburg region, including most of Cumberland County, Dauphin County, and Lebanon County. We travel west to Carlisle, north to Millersburg, east to Hersey and Lebanon, and south to York. We service towns such as Elizabethtown, Middletown, Mechanicsburg, and more, such as Progress, Colonial Park, Chambersburg, Ephrata, Sunbury, Columbia, Hanover and we even travel as far as Lancaster for certain jobs.

Harrisburg Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

How to Trap Bats

Are Harrisburg bats causing trouble in your home and perhaps you're looking out for the best methods to get rid of them? Well, no need to worry because there various methods to eliminate them completely and much importantly without hurting them and also yourself. Many individuals assume that a bat trap will do it all which is logical since traps work effectively in eliminating Pennsylvania's rats, squirrels, pigeons and other rodents. That's why people end up purchasing traps to remove bats.

Well, it's natural to imagine that you can as well catch Harrisburg bats too, but trapping is the best technique to be used in eradicating nuisance wildlife animals like opossums, raccoons and much more. When it comes to bats, its different Furthermore there is no place for traps in bat control. When it comes to traps, consider exclusion as traps are not the best methods to be used to remove bats because they are no efficient and mostly the most inhumane technique. The major trapping techniques are commercial and homemade traps. This is where by the bat gets into the trap and the trap automatically closes. To assume there are around 40 bats in the colony, here you will require plenty of traps or you may end up reusing the few you have to trap all the Pennsylvania bats.

Glue Board Bat Trapping Methods
Individuals who already have a Harrisburg bats in their houses and do not know the right method to get rid of them end up attempting several techniques of entrapping them. Like taking glue boards and put them in places where bats are roosting like attics.Well a few of them may get stuck to the glue boards where they will not have anything to feed on and might finally end up dying. Which is incredibly inhumane and against the Pennsylvania state laws. It's extremely the slowest and also a smelly procedure since it may take numerous boards to remove all the bats within the colony without forgetting that you will have to deal with their decomposing body which is such a terrible method.

There are various reasons why you should consider bat exclusion rather than bat trapping. First of all, bat trapping is a very dangerous process since you can easily hurt yourself if you have no experience in trapping Pennsylvania bats, what's more, you can as well harm the bats which are entirely unacceptable. Even if bats are not violent, they can try to defend themselves if you attempt to trap them. Due to that, it's better not to use such method because bats are known to be rabies carriers which are a deadly virus that can lead to the inflammation of the brain which at times cause death. If you get bitten in the process, visit a doctor immediately and start rabies medications. It's very significant to go for immediate treatment since you might even catch the bat that has bitten you buy by the time investigation is carried out whether the bat has rabies or not, you may even die in the process so visit a Harrisburg doctor with immediate effect.

Also, think about the fungus that comes as a result of their wastes and guano which they produce which causes diseases such as Histoplasma encapsulatum that affect the lungs. Even if it's not a serious health condition, it as well requires medical attention.

Live Exclusion
The best means of trapping a Harrisburg bat depends on the status for example whether the bat is stuck inside your house and you just want to get it out or if you know where the bat is located. However, if the bat is still lying somewhere, you only need to take a Tupperware container then put it over the bat, then slide a cardboard or piece of paper or even anything which is thin beneath as you entrap the bat in between the Tupperware and the paper. After that, bring it outside and leave it to go away. Remember not to kill it and also don't pick it with your bare hands, always use gloves when carrying out such procedures.