Do Coyotes Make Good Pets?

Many people believe that coyotes are too tame for the wild, thus they can be too wild to be controlled or raised as pets. While some people have achieved little success with raising coyotes as pets, it is almost impossible to keep the animal away from the woods- for this reason, most coyote owners will allow the animal to live in the woods and then retire to the pet’s house later in the day.

Unlike pets such as dogs and cats, Harrisburg coyotes are known to be aggressive towards new people they meet; the animal would run and charge towards new people showing its dominance. The reason why coyotes may be too difficult to be pet is that they have a natural survival instincts that makes them want to explore, and hunt their prey. Coyote may not have problems eating foods offered to them by their owners ,however, the instinct to hunt for prey will always take control of their minds.

One Reason why Pennsylvania coyotes may not make good pets is their aggressiveness towards other pets , especially when they grow older. Coyote pups may still be controlled when they quite young, however, they become more aggressive as they get older than 2 months. Older coyotes are known to attack smaller dogs and cats and can kill them. Coyotes may become aggressive when eating foods given to them by owners and can attack other pets who try to share the food with them. Most Harrisburg coyotes play too hard with humans and may hurt humans. Coyotes prefer to live in their natural habitat and climate, thus , domesticating them may cause them to become sensitive to weather. If you want to raise coyote as a pet, you may have to create a natural or artificial wood, where the coyote can roam within a confined space ( you don’t want the animal to attack pets). A partial accommodation for a coyote in the woods may allow the animal to make use of its instinct, and the animal may continue to come around and play with the owners.

Coyotes are carnivores, and that means you may have to invest in meaty foods if you hope to raise them as pets. Harrisburg animal control experts believe Coyotes are best raised as pets when they are under 4 months old as most owners will either release them into the wild or report them to animal rehabilitators. For these reasons, it is important to think twice before adopting Pennsylvania coyotes as pets.

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