How to Keep Skunks Out of my Garbage Cans?

Harrisburg skunks are considered to be pests. They eat grubs, insects, carrion, small rodents, in addition to fruits and vegetables. If you keep finding that skunks are rummaging in your garbage for food, then you might want to think that the best way of repelling skunks is to discourage them from even visiting in the first place. There are a few ways that you can try which might help you to prevent Pennsylvania skunks from visiting your property.

First, you should make sure that your trash cans are tightly covered. You should also make sure that your cans cannot be tipped over. If you have pets, try to feed them indoors and empty any birdfeeders during the night. Harrisburg skunks will eat almost anything, any type of food, so if they are drawn by the food of your pets they will surely visit your garbage as well. If you have any piles of either wood, junk, or compost, remove them so that skunks cannot build their dens their which would give them easier access to your garbage cans. In case you cannot remove the piles, you will have to cover it in the most secure way using heavy tarpaulin.

If you are already facing a problem with Pennsylvania skunks getting into your garbage and leaving behind a huge mess, then you can try putting oil of mustard or moth balls at the bottom of your garbage can. Also, you can spray the area with a mixture of water and hot pepper; this solution is usually used for your vegetables growing in your garden, but you may want to try and see if it is effective on the garbage cans. If you keep noticing that skunks are walking around your front path, your porch, or your back path, you may want to try placing a rag in bowl of ammonia on the ground in the area where Harrisburg skunks usually visit. The smell of ammonia will keep them away. However, you should make sure that the ammonia stays away from any grass or plants because it will burn them.

Harrisburg skunks rummaging through garbage cans can become quite a problem, especially since they will go out at night and you may not notice them. Take precautions to keep the Pennsylvania skunks away from your garbage cans before they make visiting your cans their habit.

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