How to Stop Squirrels from Chewing on your House or Plants

Harrisburg squirrels are quirky and cute animals and they can actually cause so much destruction to plants and the structures of home owners. Squirrels usually eat at the siding in an effort to gain access to the home so as to create their own nests inside. It is therefore a variety practical thing to do as much as you can to ensure that you exclude them from the home. The most effective way to exclude the squirrels is to use a combination of different control methods like blocking of the entry points and the use of repellents. This may be the only way in which you can ensure that the Pennsylvania squirrels don’t eat the siding and plants you adore so much. Whatever the wild animal any of us get entered to home, we need to get it out in short span of time. This is not something to worry about. There are lots of ways that can help us getting this done in proper way.

Controlling Them
You may consider cutting tree limbs. Make sure that there is considerable space in between the trees in the home to prevent the Harrisburg squirrels from jumping from tree to tree and finally to the roof where they will start chewing the siding. The attic vents, gaps, stacks and holes need to be blocked especially to the inside. Use hardware cloth as this makes the siding less desirable to them and they will try somewhere else.

You can also use capsaicin or any taste repellents. This has to be applied to the siding areas that are showing some chewing signs. Capsaicin is that chemical that you find in the chili peppers. It is a substance that occurs naturally and animals usually avoid it most of the time. The liquid comes in granular form, liquid form or spray form. You can also use polybutene on the railings and sidings and the downspouts where you find chewing signs. It also discourages the climbing of the Pennsylvania squirrels. The substance is very sticky and can be messy in application. It has to be reapplied as often as possible.

The food sources that are around the yard can attract the Harrisburg squirrels. You can opt to fence your plants as it may not be practical to remove them entirely. Make it difficult for the squirrels to climb and remove bird feeders as the squirrels may be hanging around because of them. Make sure there are very few things that can attract the squirrels and sustain them.

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